Do you think most people would choose to return to our world after one year or stay until they became a newborn?

Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think most people would choose to stay on Elsewhere... if they thought it through... no death...
little illness.. and you can talk to dogs!!

12:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think if you could decide right away, instead of waiting a year, their would be tons of people choosing to go back right away. elsewhere would seem to different from life as we know it. plus people would probably hope that they would meet up with their family again, even if they were not the same person

7:30 PM  
Anonymous Homer! said...

I think they would stay. If they made mistakes in their past life, they can fix the mistakes. They would also be able to enjoy life more now that they've come to terms with mistakes they've already made.

6:20 PM  
Anonymous Jackie said...

Most people would not come back in one year, they've already developed their life in elsewhere after one year and would want to stay.

6:21 PM  
Anonymous grasshopper wannabe said...

Why would you go back after one year? You would not be going back to your same family.

6:54 PM  
Anonymous circqueen said...

I think Liz made a good choice. Going back early wouldn't give her the past back. She might as well enjoy elsewhere.

12:10 PM  
Anonymous RB <3 said...

That whole situation for the book, the sneaker thing, to me it really made it seem life i reversed world. It was sort of like the opposite, if not permanate form of suicide. "she was suffering from depression when she got here" "i never pegged you for a sneaker". it sort of made elshwhere appear more real. anyways, i think the idea of ending your exsistence in death once in for all is a little morbid especially if you can hault it. more people would liek elshwhere ^.^

5:54 PM  

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