Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin

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  • An ALA Notable Book

  • A Booklist Editors' Choice

  • Fanfare, The Horn Book's Honor list

  • A Kirkus Reviews Best Children's Book of the Year

  • A School Library Journal Best Book of the Year

What are some of the major themes of this book?

How was life in Elsewhere different from life in our world?

Many famous people in this book choose to do something different in Elsewhere. What are some examples? Why do you think they choose a different path?

Do you think most people would choose to return to our world after one year or stay until they became a newborn?

Who was your favorite character in this book? What did you like about the character?

What characters have the most important relationships in this book?

Water is a powerful image in this book. When does Liz encounter water? What do you think water symbolizes?

Where there any flaws in the book?

What was the most memorable scene?

What did you enjoy about this book?

Would you recommend this book to your friends?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm the first one to post something!
I just picked up the book so I didn't read it yet but I plan to!

7:44 AM  
Anonymous Sushila said...

I loved Elsewhere. It had a dreamlike quality that made me feel I was there. Since I don't know what death is really like, Zevin's story was an enjoyable fantasy. It would be a second chance to try a vocation that I never experienced. Now what would that be for me?

6:32 PM  
Anonymous Annie said...

Hello I love this book. It is a,azing. I highly recommend it.

1:03 PM  
Anonymous Kailee said...

My best friend's mother just died and at the time we were reading Elsewhere. I think it really helped her that she could think of an alternate reality where her mother could be watching her as we spoke. She always refers to it and I like thinking about it in that way.

8:08 PM  
Anonymous Brittany said...

I still reading Elsewhere at the moment with my book club and its a great book! At first I thought it was going to be sad but its not so I really like it! Its a very popular book at my school and I would definelty recommend it!

9:26 AM  

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